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Maximize Performance

Certain physiologic factors have been correlated with improved athletic performance. We can arrange the testing of these markers or interpret the results you have already received in order to ensure these factors are consistent with levels necessary for peak performance.

Optimize Training

Athletes with intense training regimens walk a fine line between optimal training and overtraining. The balance between muscle breakdown and recovery is critical, and it is an aspect of training that is often overlooked. Properly timed blood tests can not only ensure overtraining does not occur, but also provide insight into an individual's recovery profile. This information allows an athlete to maximize his or her training sessions. Eliminate overtraining, optimize recovery, and enjoy the maximum benefit from your training.

What Is Sports Performance Physiology

The International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance (IJSPP) focuses on sport physiology and performance and is dedicated to advancing the knowledge of sport and exercise physiologists, sport-performance researchers, and other sport scientists.


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Whether you have your sights set on the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, or are a dedicated member of your local running club, you train hard.


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